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Release Date:
Rating: 6.5
Directed by
Tommy Wirkola
Written by
Pat Casey, Josh Miller
Based on
Frederick Allen, Sean Skene, Leah Brady, Erik Athavale, John B. Lowe, André Eriksen, Stephanie Sy, Alexander Elliot, Alexis Louder, Mitra Suri, David Harbour, Beverly D'Angelo, John Leguizamo, Cam Gigandet, Edi Pattersons
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
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'Violent Night' enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season across the globe of paper HEROES!. David Harbor Stranger Things, The Equalizer, Suicide Squad, Hellboy, Black Widow is Santa Claus in Violent Night Night Without Peace 2022. And Universal Pictures published a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Christmas film which will release on the 2nd of December USA.

How to watch Violent Night (2022) Full Movie Violent Night is the second best box office in America.

If a group of mercenaries enter a family's home on Christmas Eve. And take the entire family hostage, they were not prepared for a surprise attacker Santa Claus. David Harbour is in the premises and is about to show his own character. What exactly is Santa Claus? He's not saintly.

This film's adaptation of the cult PlayStation racing saga begins. The production process with a premiere in Budapest by revealing a behind the scenes photograph.

PlayStation Productions has begun filming the film Gran Turismo. The famous driving saga of Polyphony Digital and PlayStation, in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest with the hope of making it available on the big screen the account of Jann Mardenborough. Who was an aspiring Gran Turismo player who became professional. When he won the GT Academy in 2011, the well-known virtual race organized by PlayStation. To give promising young drivers an opportunity to experience the real-world racing.

Here's what you need to know about watching Violent Night online

It is also it is that Sony Pictures recently shared a intriguing image of the Gran Turismo. Filming set to confirm the production's start which has a theatrical release scheduled for the summer of 2023. A photo of the classic movie clapperboard a track and a few Nissan GT-Rs in the background. Which is one of the most recognizable automobiles that make up the Polyphony Digital franchise.

David Harbor believes that the Thunderbolts in general are the losers in Marvel's Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Stranger Things actor who recently discussed hero's fate has made the Marvel debut with Black Widow. As Alexei Shostakov known as Red Guardian, a high-powered Russian soldier and father persona to Natasha. Romanoff along with Yelena Belova. In the last few months in the middle of D23, Disney and Marvel unveiled. Thunderbolts the blockbuster that brings together the best comics in the most bizarre collection of heroes and villains.

Violent Night roared into theaters on December 2, and 87North

The interview was part of's recently-released Phase Zero podcast and while promoting his new holiday film Violent Night. Harbor commented on what he thought about the Thunderbolts, and what his role could be within the series. We're losers, which I particularly appreciate. The losers in our own Marvel Universe. It's fun to watch us destroy every aspect of. It's really entertaining, and there's a lot of sadness in that the way he describes what the movie will look similar to. Florence Pugh and Sebastian Stan will be the big stars.

There's plenty of drama within an organization. With members who seem confused and, because of character issues, they're constantly creating chaos. They don't get the respect like Captain America and Iron Man receive, he says. There's definitely plenty of potential. I think they'll be able to make many great films. They're loaded with great elements, like an abundance of action and comedy according to what's been told, he says.

Where to watch Violent Night:

Violent Night is out with an intense trailer in which. David Harbor transforms into a quite different Santa Claus from the famous. Charming one we all know as he is now set to fight terrorists who have abducted an entire family during Christmas.

If the plot sounds familiar, it's likely since Bruce Willis starred in a somewhat similar tale within Die Hard. A film that is already an iconic holiday film and provokes debates on whether it's a Christmas-themed film Or not.

The night of Fuera de Foco we had the opportunity to speak in conversation. With Violent Night director Tommy Wirkola about what is the term "Christmas" and what he wants to achieve with his new film.

How can we tell if it is a Violent Night Christmas-themed film?

Violent Night is only available to watch in-person at the movie theater. Tommy Wirkola is a Norwegian director who is best known for his B-movie kind of films. Like Death Snow or the Zombies Nazis tape. While he did have experience in directing his own Hansel & Gretel blockbuster with Jeremy Renner and Gemma Artenton. The director admitted to us that this was the first time. I've had to actually manage a large budget and run a business in the studio in close proximity.

Wirkola received a script idea in order to produce the movie about an year ago. She instantly was enthralled by the plot. It was akin to Die Hard but with Santa Claus. Demons! It was awe-inspiring. I was enthralled by everything it represented since it felt as if it was an old-fashioned Christmas movie.

For Wirkola his primary thing was being in a position to strike. The right balance between his raunchy humor and the concept of a holiday movie because he believes that any story can be one.

When will Violent Night be on Disney Plus? Possible release date

The director told us that Universal allowed him to have a lot of creative freedom. And they even made him follow his own instincts, and so that he was influenced by the film of Bruce Willis. Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi to bring a film that is extremely violent, yet is able to share a good story in the conclusion.

Eight months of work with personal trainers was the weight loss strategy employed by the actor. Ensuring that his character from the show, Sheriff Hopper, underwent profound physical changes in the fourth and third seasons.

A lot of people have inquired about Hopper's change in physique between seasons 3 and 4. The trainer I had, David Higgins worked with me for eight months to achieve the change. And keep it up throughout the pandemic by altering my diet and workout plans. The actor comments on his post on Instagram. It was a long and thrilling journey through fitness and diet which enabled me to drop from 122 kilograms to only 85 pounds, according to in the New Yorker.

Is Violent Night on Amazon Prime?

No, Violent Night is not currently available to rent or watch on Prime Video. The actor been forced to gain the weight that he lost in order to play Santa Claus in his new film, 'Violent night'. I was able to recover it. However, I will never do it again. The prostheses are great the way they are, as he has stated about it. I like the idea of watching real human bodies on television. Also, I love the concept that real women feel attractive and loved He declares.

The real hidden message of the film is David Harbour, who in the film is portrayed as a very violent Santa Claus. According to Wirkola the film's director, the Santa is in a state of denial since no one is a believer anymore and he isn't sure what to do. When he receives an email from a girl who's family has been encircled by terrorists and he decides to take action to bring the Christmas spirit back.

The director is certain the audience that David Harbor has everything to become a household name and the tape is a iconic film of the past. However, for David Harbor, the secret lies in the ability to alter the rules. That define the genre of film and mix them as in the present you cannot just create the same Christmas-themed film. You must make it a bit more interesting.

Will Violent Night be on Netflix?

Usually , films about Santa Claus tend to be into the realm of humor or stories about families. However Violent Night isn't aiming to exclusively bet on either of these categories. And will describe its idea as a tale that is full of action and featuring the Christmas symbol as the main character.

No, Violent Night is not available to watch on Netflix. In the classic Die Hard style. David Harbor Stranger Things, Black Widow plays an Santa Claus who finds himself in the wrong spot at the wrong time. He arrives at a house in which a family is detained by a group of thieves. Who are looking for 300 million dollars that are stored in the vault in the mansion.

The night before Christmas Eve these mercenaries learn about the violence of Santa. And is not afraid to take on and blast the villains that are the list of evil boys. All they need to do is save a girl in his list of good guys.

At Christmas, a band of criminals sneaks into the home that belongs to an affluent family abducting all of the family members. However, they don't expect the most unlikely adversary to confront them Santa Claus. David Harbour He was just passing by and is preparing to prove that he's not a saint.

Violent Night - Total running time

Typically, films about Santa Claus tend to be within the realm of comedy or family tales. However Violent Night does not intend to solely bet on one of these categories and will describe. Its idea as a narrative that's full of action, with the Christmas symbol as the main character.

In the classic Die Hard style, David Harbor Stranger Things. Black Widow plays an Santa Claus who finds himself in the wrong spot at the wrong moment. And arrives at a home in which a family is detained by a group of thieves seeking 300 million dollars in the vault of the mansion.

Violent Night is created by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller. The film also includes the appearance in the role of John Leguizamo Carlito's. Way as well as the voices who play Ben as well as Beverly D'Angelo American History X.

These mercenaries will be able to see the violent side to Santa on Christmas Eve. He will not hesitate punish and even blow up! those who are high up on his list. He will do anything to save the girl who is on his good boys list.

Is Violent Night a hit? Box office performance

A group of mercenaries enters the home of a wealthy family on Christmas Eve and kidnaps all its members. They don't expect Santa Claus David Harbour to confront them. Harbour was just passing by, and he is about to prove that he is not a saint.

Halloween is the most anticipated holiday of the month. There are still months until Christmas. A strange new film marries these celebrations in a unique way to tell a weird story.

This is the movie Violent Night in which David Harbor portrays Santa Claus. This interpretation is different from other versions because El Viejito Pascuero will be a murderer.

David Harbour, who is best known for his role as Hopper in Stranger Things will direct the tape and give life to the evil Santa Claus. Tommy Wirkola will also direct the tape, which will be in the action-comedy style.

Violent Night will feature Old Man Pascuero as a brutal action hero.

David Harbor Stranger Things, in the purest form of Die Hard, plays Santa. He arrives at a residence where a group of thieves are holding a family prisoner. They want $300 million hidden in the vault.

These mercenaries will be able to see the violent side to Santa on Christmas Eve. He will not hesitate punish or blow up those villains that are high up on his list.

It was directed by Tommy Wirkola, a Norwegian director Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters and Dead Snow. And has a script written by Pat Casey Sonic the Hedgehog that presents the Old Man From Harbor as the hero on Christmas Eve. To save a girl who is on the list of his good guys.

How to Watch Violent Night Streaming Online for Free?

John Leguizamo is the leader of the mercenaries. Who will uncover the more violent side to Santa in this comedy. Also featuring Cam Gigandet and Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder Edi Patterson, Beverly D'Angelo, and Edi Patterson.

Universal Pictures will be bringing us the Violent Night trailer this week. I hope you have been a great movie lover this year. According to reports, the trailer for the holiday-action thriller will be in town Wednesday. We're eager to get into the festive spirit.

Where to Watch Violent Night Online?

Violent Night is currently a theatrical exclusive. Violent Night will be coming to town, and opening their doors in theaters starting December 2. This movie is brilliant. It reminds of Scrooged's fake Santa Claus movie or The Night Santa Went Crazy by Weird Al. This movie will be my first time riding in a sleigh. That's undisputed. What about you? Comment below if Violent Night is exciting to you.

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 6.5

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